Johanna Payton

Johanna Payton

Media Trainer

The Dovetail Agency

Johanna is a travel and lifestyle journalist and teacher with 20 years’ experience in the media. Johanna has written editorial and advertorial copy for most national publications but is most closely associated with the Guardian. She has been commissioned by the newspaper for over a decade, leads Guardian Masterclasses and spent two years in-house as a commissioning editor for G-Labs. Currently, Johanna is a journalism lecturer at City, University of London where she is also researching journalism and creativity. Johanna runs client-centred training sessions, coaching individuals and small teams on dealing with the media, improving interview techniques, telling compelling stories in the press and building confidence for public speaking.

Earliest Travel Memory: Going to Scarborough, where my aunt ran a B&B, and convincing my dad to go on a 'pirate ship' ride. He hated it!

Travel Moment I Wish I Could Relive: Landing in the Grand Canyon in a helicopter and then sharing a champagne picnic with the pilot

Dream Holiday Destination: Rishikesh, India - I'd love to visit Chaurasi Kutia (the Beatles Ashram)

Desert Island Dish: Seafood linguine

Best Piece Of Advice: Photograph everything - including yourself - as much as humanly possible

Alternative Career: I wanted to be the next Demi Moore - sadly, the position still isn't vacant.

Something You Don’t Know About Me: I've done the Moonwalk (a marathon distance walk, at night, with my bra on show) three times.

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