Hugh Richard Wright

Hugh Richard Wright

Restaurant & Food Specialist

The Dovetail Agency

Hugh is a restaurant PR and communications consultant whose clients have ranged from independent fine-dining establishments to large international chains and from Korean street food to French haute cuisine.

Earliest Travel Memory: A family holiday to Portloe, near Truro in Cornwall. We ate crab from dayboats and I've loved seafood ever since!

Travel Moment I Wish I Could Relive: My husband and I travelled up the West Coast of the USA on our dream honeymoon and I totally fell in love with Los Angeles - I'm aching to go back!

Dream Holiday Destination: I am insanely jealous of my Dovetail colleagues who've been to Sabi Sabi - it looks like heaven on Earth.

Desert Island Dish: Friends know that the one dish I can't see on a menu and not order is steak tartare; I could live on that, especially if it was topped with an egg, my other favourite food!

Best Piece Of Advice: My late great-aunt, a prodigious traveller long before budget airlines and internet booking opened the world up to us as it is now, said, "To travel, you need three things: the time, money and your health. There are times like now when I didn't have all three, but whenever I did, I travelled. Do the same." I've never forgotten that.

Alternative Career: I honestly absolutely love what I do, but from time-to-time I've thought I might have made a good TV presenter!

Something You Don’t Know About Me: Long before I worked in PR, I was a personal shopper and still occasionally help friends to shop for special outfits for weddings and awards ceremonies.

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