Hugh Richard Wright

Hugh Richard Wright

Restaurant & Food Specialist

The Dovetail Agency

Hugh is a restaurant PR and communications consultant whose clients have ranged from independent fine-dining establishments to large international chains, and from Korean street food to French haute cuisine.

Prior to starting his own consultancy in 2015, Hugh worked in-house for several years as communications director for an international luxury restaurant group, and before that worked as a freelance journalist specialising in restaurants and travel. This means that he has a genuinely 360º experience and understanding of the hospitality industry, as PR, client and journalist. His background as a writer also means that he is able to produce engaging, lively and precise copy for his clients.

Hugh "lives and breathes" restaurants, dining out most days of the week not only at his clients but also trying out new, emerging venues and revisiting old favourites. Adept and experienced at launching new restaurants to the market, Hugh also has a particular knack for generating and reviving interest in established businesses. As a consultant Hugh's specialisms also include brand identity, tone of voice, social media strategy and crisis communications.

Earliest Travel Memory: A family holiday to Portloe, near Truro in Cornwall. We ate crab from dayboats and I've loved seafood ever since!

Travel Moment I Wish I Could Relive: My husband and I travelled up the West Coast of the USA on our dream honeymoon and I totally fell in love with Los Angeles - I'm aching to go back!

Dream Holiday Destination: I am insanely jealous of my Dovetail colleagues who've been to Sabi Sabi - it looks like heaven on Earth.

Desert Island Dish: Friends know that the one dish I can't see on a menu and not order is steak tartare; I could live on that, especially if it was topped with an egg, my other favourite food!

Best Piece Of Advice: My late great-aunt, a prodigious traveller long before budget airlines and internet booking opened the world up to us as it is now, said, "To travel, you need three things: the time, money and your health. There are times like now when I didn't have all three, but whenever I did, I travelled. Do the same." I've never forgotten that.

Alternative Career: I honestly absolutely love what I do, but from time-to-time I've thought I might have made a good TV presenter!

Something You Don’t Know About Me: Long before I worked in PR, I was a personal shopper and still occasionally help friends to shop for special outfits for weddings and awards ceremonies.

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