Finn Thompson

Finn Thompson

Account Executive

The Dovetail Agency

Finn is an Account Executive. She has previously worked with some of the largest clients within the media industry, assisting on the social media marketing and events for new launches, as well as managing the creation of everyday high-engagement content with target audiences, across a range of platforms.  Finn is a people person through and through, she thrives off collaborating creatively with others on projects, and always demonstrates excellent communication with both clients and colleagues. Her interest in people feeds into her passion for travel and adventure; Finn has travelled extensively to a diverse array of locations, and in doing so has gained an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the world of travel, which is reflected in her personal, hands-on approach to delivering effective campaigns.

Earliest Travel Memory: Wild blueberry picking in Maine in the US, when I was 3 years old with my siblings. Our family friends lived there with fields and fields of the most delicious blueberries a cycle ride away from their house – heaven.

Travel Moment I Wish I Could Relive: Riding horses along the coast of Egypt – my horse was the naughtiest and would gallop off in front of the rest at any opportunity, but the feeling of the wind rushing in my face in the most beautiful of settings was completely exhilarating.

Dream Holiday Destination:  A road trip up the East coast of Australia, from Melbourne all the way up to Cairns.  

Desert Island Dish: Mango Sorbet. When done right, there is no better food!

Best Piece Of Advice: Always say yes to a holiday trip, you will never regret it. 

Alternative Career: Working within the film industry, perhaps as a producer. I have always been a huge film fanatic, and have worked as a runner on film sets. 

Something You Don’t Know About Me: I have written my own baking recipe book, which consists of 30 recipes all created by me! 

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