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The Dovetail Agency
The Dovetail Agency works closely with each client to develop a monthly schedule of activity to include the promotion of new launches, partnerships and specialist services. With operational experience in hospitality and retail, Dovetail supports each client team by developing new product ideas which are realistic in their delivery from a logistical and budget perspective.

The Dovetail team will pitch editors with news for each client based on an agreed media target list from an exceptional network of print, digital, key opinion leaders and influencers. Media coverage is successfully secured for clients in the UK, Europe and the US. Campaigns by the London team will be managed in the UAE, Russia, South America and Asia. Dovetail has also achieved exceptional coverage for clients on national TV and radio.

Media requests are fully qualified prior to arranging a product to be delivered for review or for a photo shoot, for individual journalists or a group of media to travel to a client property. Long-standing relationships with tourist boards, airlines and tour operators promise an impressive destination experience.

Regular client reports and meetings ensure an exceptional level of communication and understanding of the overall objectives is maintained throughout with tactical activity designed to support critical need periods of the client business.

With expert knowledge within the consumer as well as the trade sector, the team will regularly place features, profiles and comment pieces for clients in the most important of industry and business titles.

Dovetail has a proven track record in crisis communications and has successfully protected the brand and reputation of clients globally when facing a range of challenges.

Harrods Corporate Service

"Dovetail has been retained for more than ten years to manage PR and Marketing campaigns for Harrods Corporate Service. They work efficiently and creatively to deliver results, securing editorial in target publications and proactively developing business partnerships that are in keeping with the Harrods brand. They have also managed annual events for us in London and further afield in New York."
Tracy Finn
Head of Harrods Corporate Service

Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

"Creative, enthusiastic, driven, successful and well connected."
Jacques Smit
Marketing Director, Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve