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Circular Hospitality

A new sustainability advisory service for the global tourism and hospitality industry.

The Dovetail Agency

Circular Hospitality, powered by Dovetail, is launching as a new sustainability advisory service for the global tourism and hospitality industry.  

The movement towards a more sustainable future is critical for tourism: the industry is already responsible for eight percent of global green house gas (GHG) emissions. Covid-19 has provided an opportunity for the tourism industry to step back and undertake a complete evaluation, to undergo a sustainable reboot good for both business and the planet.  

The mission of Circular Hospitality is to help future proof businesses and guide them on their sustainability journey. Founders Jean-Charles Seghers and Jayne Alexander bring 30 years of combined experience inhospitality and sustainability, including leadership roles with The Climate Group, Tetra-Pak and Virgin Management, as well as extensive operation, sales, marketing and PR experience in the luxury travel and lifestyle sector.  

The Circular Hospitality team work closely with each client to imagine a climate resilient business: what it will take to be future-proof and manage customer, investor and regulatory demands to lower GHG emissions and protect the planet. Assistance covers board and executive leadership-buy in, stake-holder engagement and industry coalition building, as well as policy and regulatory advice and advocacy and sustainability audits.  

Circular Hospitality designs tailored, practical solutions or connects hospitality businesses with its network of trusted partners with vetted sustainability credentials. The solutions portfolio includes assistance with: 

  • Energy-saving systems 
  • Water conservation  
  • Sustainable toiletries and amenities  
  • Re-engineering the laundry process  
  • Reduce food waste  
  • Carbon neutral travel  
  • Local sourcing  
  • Reduce food waste  
  • Green labelling and certification  
  • Sustainability branding and positioning 

Circular Hospitality provides operators with realistic solutions which can be implemented across an operation in a cost-efficient way, taking into consideration the challenges endured by the sectors during a worldwide pandemic. Once initiatives are in place, the CH team will develop a communications strategy to report on the impact of sustainable actions for both the operator and the guests.”