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Business Consultancy & Counsel

Business Consultancy & Counsel

The Dovetail Agency

Jayne Alexander and her senior team have a wealth of experience of working closely with company owners and entrepreneurs to shape and develop a strategic business and marketing plan. Providing energy and ideas, partner and client introductions, the Dovetail team will strengthen a new business concept for launch and help to refresh an established brand in order to target entirely new markets, demographically and geographically.

Jayne will consult personally with client companies, holding sessions in-house to analyse a company’s performance and profitability in order to develop a strategy supported by product development, sales, marketing and media relations experience. These sessions are tailored to focus on key areas of activity from brand strategy and online presence, including social media and marketing partnerships, to the positioning of a company against its competitive set and its stage in development and growth.

Jayne Alexander, founder and managing director, launched The Dovetail Agency in 1997 having worked on several launches during her time with Virgin Management, working directly with Richard Branson. Highly respected as an advisor and expert in developing business strategies for clients operating in the luxury lifestyle sector, Jayne prides herself on an innate understanding of the commercials around each client operation. A natural entrepreneurial spirit is infectious for clients, providing an energy and a powerful wealth of ideas and contacts to elevate a business and build a company brand. Jayne gives counsel on all matters related to the success of a client campaign.