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Accelerate by Dovetail

A road map to recovery post-pandemic

The Dovetail Agency
We are pleased to launch Accelerate by Dovetail, a new, intensive media and marketing consultancy service to support travel, hospitality and brands in the luxury goods sector post pandemic. It is an unprecedented time globally and we will endeavour to do all we can to carve a path to recovery for our specialist sectors.

Accelerate by Dovetail will fast-track existing as well as start-up brands from the luxury goods, travel and hospitality, design and interior sectors. A highly targeted and sensitively priced twelve-week plan incorporates an intensive media relations and marketing programme to include print and digital editorial, multi-platform marketing and the development of business opportunities.

The ultimate goal is to create an immediate awareness of brands to a highly qualified media target list, develop business partnerships and make introductions to private clients to reignite and accelerate a company’s overall performance during these challenging times. The recovery plan post the peak of the pandemic is designed to support the client team in identifying new business opportunities, to help pivot with a new approach if required, to remain agile and creative in order to meet market demands which are ever changing.

The U.K. market is resilient, renowned for being stoic in their travel, dining and buying habits and will be one of the first regions to recover. London acts as a media hub for publications distributed globally which is key to kick-starting all markets as the economy takes an upturn once again. Dovetail is monitoring each region of the globe to understand how they will regain their relevance to each and every client as they recover.

The Accelerate by Dovetail twelve-week plan may incorporate the following activity:
  • Media Relations - Targeting of key audiences though the placement of valuable print and online editorial in both national and specialist media outlets
  • Business Development - New business and direct client introductions through Dovetail’s valued contact book and the future management of small, private events in partnership with complementary brands
  • Partner Programmes – Development and nurturing of trade partnerships and business memberships to generate leads from third-party referrals
  • Commercial Brand Campaigns and Lead Generation – Highly targeted campaigns by demographic and geographical region to provide immediate lead generation and longer-term brand campaigns with key media partners.
  • Social Media Strategy and Execution – From an audit and strategy review to content planning and management of all or selected feeds
  • Influencer Marketing – Developing dedicated storytelling campaigns with faces of influence, those individuals both macro and micro that have an authentic, distinctive voice and engaged audience on social media. 
  • Specialist Guidance & Business Counsel – Advice and support relating to the implementation of new industry standards relating to the current recovery period
  • Internal & External Communications – Guidance on and drafting of required internal company and client communications.