For The Love Of Travel, With Journalist Sarah Rodrigues
24 April 2020

For The Love Of Travel, With Journalist Sarah Rodrigues

The Dovetail Agency
TravelWe would like to showcase our fabulous partners during this challenging time – friends of Dovetail who support us for client events and projects. They are all incredibly talented and deserve recognition and our support for their own businesses during this time. We invite them to showcase their art, their expertise. This week we introduce the wonderful freelance journalist and expert copywriter, Sarah Rodrigues. 

I always wanted to travel, and I was always told that I should write. Perhaps the travelling part was inevitable - as the child of parents from two very different countries, born in a third one - (not only that, but a third one that’s practically synonymous with shouldering a backpack and exploring what else is out there - yep, I’m Australian) - it’s probably not all that surprising that a sense of a ‘world beyond’ simmered in my blood.
After finishing a Law degree, I took advantage of my mother’s British nationality to come to the UK without work visa restrictions. At first, I wrote only for myself:  in journals, and for a few trusted friends and family, in lengthy (and often lonely!) emails. The process by which I began writing for the media was, if I am really honest,  a mix of chance encounters and the fabulous bolshiness of youth.
In recent years, I’ve had experiences that my backpacking and bartending self could never have envisaged, much less funded. Best of all, I’ve been able to share my stories with others. Being transported by the words of others has always been magic to me (remember I grew up before screens took over!) and the work of  authors like Susan Cooper, when I was a child, and Robert Macfarlane, now that I’m an adult, are my biggest inspirations.
My most cherished memories haven’t always been the stuff of astonishment. Yes, I have watched wild dogs feasting on an impala carcass in South Africa, swum with stingrays in Antigua and scuba dived in the Maldives. But the ribald inappropriateness of the stall holder in a Copenhagen market, standing under the arching crash of a waterfall in Wales, the hopeful eyes of a street dog in Greece, the wily ways of a street urchin in Nepal, the kindness of strangers that transcends culture and language .. these are the things I love; the things that make - quite literally, make! - travel, for me. I hope we all appreciate these moments even more, when we are eventually able to travel again and enter our new, post-Covid-19, ‘normal’. 
The ancient Egyptians had a belief that a person dies twice: once when they die, and once when the last person to ever speak their name dies. Given how fleeting moments are, it is my (hopefully not too arrogant) wish that my experiences (for which I am so grateful, especially now!) live three times: once when I have them, once when I write about them, and again when somebody enjoys reading my words about them.



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