Self Care with Noble Isle
20 March 2020

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Self Care with Noble Isle

The Dovetail Agency

Scent has long been known to help in boosting calm, promoting serenity and evoking a sense of wellness. Equally, self-care, by way of relaxed days at home, long, luxurious baths and showers, respect for one’s own body and being, has been at the forefront of awareness for quite some time: wellbeing is no longer the province of spa breaks and retreats, but more the domain of dayto day practice – and never more so than when public settings, gyms, pools,treatment areas and spas are being avoided and more people are forced to stay at home.


Noble Isle, with its range of fine fragrance luxury bath and body products, lovingly crafted from locally-sourced ingredients, captures “Britain in a Bottle” – not only boosting the nation’s local and homegrown economies, but also ensuring that customers are able to bathe themselves in the comforting scents of home and memory.


With so many of us reliant on yoga studios and gyms for our ‘stress release,’ these challenging times of confinement are bound to feel uncomfortable. Be sure to maintain practices at home, enhanced by diffuser and candles designed to promote a sense of well-being. Noble Isle products are vegan,cruelty free, and made from natural ingredients – meaning that the kindness and care you show to your surroundings is reflected in the kindness and care the products show to the world.


As well as harnessing scents to soothe, Noble Isle products also ensure that skin and self are bathed in wellness-enhancing, body-cosseting properties – whether that’s the whimsical scents of spring from the Willow Song Candle, the mineral rich Sea of Green Hand Wash, the anti-oxidant properties of the English grapes in the Golden Harvest Luxury Bath & Shower Gel, or the moisturising abilities of rose in the Tea Rose Body Cream.