Top 7 Travel Trends for 2018
05 January 2018

Top 7 Travel Trends for 2018

The Dovetail Agency

What has been clinically proven (by the prestigious Dovetail team) to cure the January blues?

Answer: Planning your holidays for the year ahead…

We, at The Dovetail Agency, think that as we creep into the first month of 2018, we should all be planning our holidays and adventures for the year. Where better to start than travel’s most buzzworthy destinations, emerging travel trends and sought-after trips for 2018. So, without further ado, here are our Top 7 Dovetail recommendations for 2018. You can thank us later!

1. St Helena

Previously inaccessible to all but the most determined traveller, this volcanic tropical island in the heart of the South Atlantic Ocean opened a brand spanking new airport at the end of 2017. Giving visitors the opportunity to explore this remote island and discover the incredible marine life that surrounds it. Bespoke tour operator, Natural World Safaris, offers an eight day safari in St Helena, where you can swim and snorkel alongside whale sharks.

Lost & Found

2018 brings about a new age of travelling. Niquesa Travel believes you must be lost,before you can be found. They enable you to be the adventure. Dropping you by helicopter to a remote and undivulged wilderness location, left only with a box of instructions, along with all the essentials you need to survive, you will be alone and lost. The lessons you learn will allow you to take full responsibility for your life no matter how it turns out, act with greater compassion and lead gracefully.

3. Sustainable Travel

With environmental consciousness becoming more and more urgent, countries around the globe are upping their eco-tourism game.Today, travellers have plenty of choice when looking for a place that is kind to the environment, from huge cities with green spaces at their heart, to villages lost in the middle of nowhere.

4. The Wellness Vacation

There is an ever-growing popularity of wellness travel amongst hotel programs, retreats,and specialists. The need to switch off from emails, text messages, and social media and to focus on your well-being has never been more popular. With that in mind, Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne recently launched its unprecedented 10,000m² Alpine Spa, one of the grandest spa openings globally and featuring a restored Hollywood style kidney shaped pool from the heyday of the 1950’s,where could be better to try out your ‘wellness vacation’.

5. Cold climates

Hot is no longer, well, hot. Travellers in 2018 will increasingly seek out cold climates, with Iceland, Antarctica and Norway proving the most popular places.Experts have said that these places offer an into-the-wild escape from everyday stress like nowhere else on Earth. If we could have our pick, then a trip to Svalbard, with Natural World Safaris to see the polar bears would be our choice.

6. Wine Destinations

Wine destinations have been a huge hit during 2017, with people planning their holidays around particular wine vineyards. What could be better than visiting your favourite wine destination? Visiting lots of your favourite wine destinations. Well why not try one of SeaDream Yacht Club’s ‘Wine Voyages’, showcasing the most picturesque yachting ports of the Mediterranean, each itinerary pairs the ultimate wine experience with the regions’ most scenic backdrops.

7. Botswana

With the beyond exciting news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement,Botswana has never been so trendy. Stay at Feline Fields' The Lodge, a luxurious safari lodge nestled in the heart of Botswana's Kalahari wilderness. Feline Fields is designed with privacy and wildlife intimacy at its core. The lodge embodies authenticity, luxury and simplicity to create an environmentally sensitive place to stay that has the 'perfect' safari camp feel. You can be just like our fabulous new royal couple.