London Fashion Week Festival
28 February 2017

London Fashion Week Festival

The Dovetail Agency

London Fashion Week is, in effect, a five-day whirl of disconcerting statements and double booked diaries mused with overfilled goody bags and constant A List parties. Anyoneelse wishing they got the invite to Annabel's supermodel soirée? Us too! 


And it's not justthe madness of the show schedules. Brand launches, partner parties, signings,sponsors, bookings, meetings and never ending dinners, all mean that deciding whatto make and what to miss becomes an almost impossible task.


We were luckyenough to have the decision made for us with a beautiful envelope arriving onour door including complimentary tickets to the Osman show. Located at 180The Strand, the London Fashion Week Festival is a desirable destination dressedwith chauffeur driven cars lined up outside and a large LFW design centeredright outside the front, a perfect spot for that Instapic. The venue was awhite walled, stylish haven with a spiral staircase leading us down to therunway. As we took our seats just one spot back from ‘the frow’ the lightsdimmed and we were met with Osman’s video footage and his most recent designs,campaigns and collections. As the models began to grace along the catwalk theyshowcased a variety of designs from sheer dresses to crochet and floralpatterned suits. Our favourite was a beautiful black lady modeling the mostgorgeous pink, bardot glitter dress. Fun, playful yet extraordinarily elegant,a stand out piece in the collection.


20 minutes later andit’s over, the crowds are shuffling out the building and already moving swiftlyon to the next show. Just like fashion trends the whole process is as fastpaced as the Brick Lane bagel line.


As London Fashion Week comes to a close, wecan only relish in the glimpse of excitement we shared. In the blink of an eye,the mayhem has been packaged up, sealed with fragile tape and shipped off firstclass ready to unload its entities on to the French fashion foray that isParis.