The Adventure Travel Show
24 January 2017

The Adventure Travel Show

The Dovetail Agency

This weekend the Adventure TravelShow took place at Olympia in London. Designed to be a mecca for all things‘off the beaten track’, it attracted thousands of people keen to discover theworld in new ways. We were just some of them.

In recent years, the popularityof adventure travel has been seen to sky-rocket. In 2015, research showed thatit had grown by 65 per cent, while the Adventure Travel Association (ATTA)found that 80 per cent of tourist boards now consider adventure travel astandalone sector: double that than eight years beforehand.

Wandering through the exhibitionspace, it was clear that this was travel with a difference: around each cornerwas a new personal challenge or adventure to be discovered – sailing theMediterranean, driving a 4x4 across Peru, climbing to Everest Base Camp.Certainly, some seemed less of adventure, more of a bucket list item to befulfilled or perhaps a fitness test to be remembered.

There were also a range ofinformative and enjoyable seminars to be discovered, from how to plan youradventure, motorcycle travel, adventure travel writing, filming andphotography, as well as talks from the experts telling tales of their ownextraordinary adventures.

The buzz in the room waspalpable: it seemed to shout that 2017 is the year of adventure travel.Increasingly the luxury of travel is found in the experience as much as theaccommodation. It’s about doing something you never thought possible,discovering a place or a moment you never had thought possible, feeling theadrenaline pump or the sense of achievement when you conquer that mountain,sail that sea, drive that long and dramatic road. People want adventure, andthis was the perfect show at which to find inspiration and advice.

[Image courtesy of The Adventure Travel Show]