Dovetail's Travel Essentials
07 July 2016

Dovetail's Travel Essentials

The Dovetail Agency

From Jersey to JFK, Barcelona to Bangkok, the team here at Dovetail are constantly on the move.


Whether for work or for fun, we all love to travel and over the years have honed our travel essentials to a few key items we can't be without. Here are some of our suggestions: 

  • A warm scarf or shawl - there is nothing worse than being cold on a trans-Atlantic flight, so this handy item can easily double as a blanket to take away the air-con chill.
  • A power bank - with connectivity in the air, our use of personal devices is on the up. Be it a laptop for sending emails or our mobile phone to edit those precious travel snaps, a power bank is a god send when there is no socket nearby.
  • A book - when trying to wind down when travelling, sometimes staring at a screen is one of the worst things to do, stimulating the brain. Take a book for some old-fashioned entertainment. A travel guide is even better! 
  • Travel sized toiletries - the air on a plane is incredibly drying, so we invest in mini-sizes of our favourite moisturisers and balms to top-up mid-flight and arrive looking fresh. Decanting these into small plastic bottles also works a treat. 
  • A small shoulder bag - the stress of trying to find your passport in your carry on case or duffel bag is best avoided. Pack a small bag to store your essentials such as a phone, passport and boarding pass where they are in easy reach.
  • Airline apps - save the step of printing boarding passes and check in via an app for an immediate, electronic boarding pass. It saves losing a piece of paper.