Summer 2016 Kitchen Design Trends
15 June 2016

Summer 2016 Kitchen Design Trends

The Dovetail Agency

Here at The Dovetail Agency we are excited to share this season’s hottest Summer Kitchen Design Trends. A beautiful kitchen can add value to your home, efficiently utilise available storage space and provide a fresh, summery atmosphere. 

1.  A new kind of tradition for Kitchen Tables

Kitchens are embracing simple design, a slightly cleaner feel with bold lines and less frilly details. This kitchen table from Liaigre is the perfect modern addition and is on trend for this season.

2.  Copper taps

This summer taps have to be copper. They add warmth, colour and lustre ensuring they complement and contrast the other interior textures that feature in the kitchen.  

3.  Soft, quiet colour palettes

Bold primary colours will take a back seat, instead muted blues, greens and pale yellow will be used as accent colours.

Charcoal, greys and even neutral pastels like pale blue, pale green grey and tinted whites are the new alternative to the basic white.

4. Simplicity is the new luxury

Appliances such as fridges can be state-of-the-art without completely overwhelming the space. A modern fridge will make the busy heart of the home both hardworking and attractive.

5.  Hardwood Floors in the Kitchen

In previous years, tile and linoleum were popular surfaces for kitchen flooring. Now hardwood floors are the hottest trend and have overtaken tiles as the most popular type of flooring in the kitchen for this Summer.