Jayne's Experience in India
17 November 2015

Jayne's Experience in India

The Dovetail Agency

We caught up with Jayne, as she has now arrived back from her crazy and once-in-a-lifetime race of auto-rickshaws in India for ‘travels to my elephant’.  Jayne has answered a few questions about her race to save Asia’s endangered elephants;

How long have you worked with “The Elephant Family”? Since the Elephant Parade in London in 2010

Had you ever driven a tuk tuk before the trip? No, never – it is similar to a scooter or motorbike, neither of which I have ever driven. 

What were the views like throughout your trip as you travelled across India? Many rural villages and farming communities with local schools

Did you meet any interesting people along the way? The children were the highlight for me – they were just so excited as we passed through their villages. We stopped at a few schools.

Was there any hair raising moments on the trip? When we flooded the engine in a wildlife reserve and knew we could potentially meet our first tiger.

How did you pimp up your tuk tuk? We all decorated our tuk tuks with flowers, garlands and tinsel – all the tuk tuks looked fab.

How did you find being in the tuk tuk for 4-5 hours a day for 5 days straight? The ride was incredibly bumpy and the fumes were strong.

Did you have any other amazing experiences whilst on your trip? Meeting Tara at the end of the trip

After reading the travels to my elephant book, how was it to finally meet Tara?  It was incredible, she is such an intelligent and intuitive animal and also very pretty for a very large elephant

What was your favourite memory on the trip? The smiles of all the people we passed, young and old.