A Fresh Approach to Transformational Travel

Discover a fresh approach to transformational travel with the launch of private journey designers, Niquesa Travel in January 2018.


Niquesa presents a tailor made luxury travel service, creating exceptional bespoke journeys and itineraries, delivered with finesse and personal attention. The ethos of a journey with Niquesa is not so much about where clients want to go, it’s more about how they want to feel, and the trips are designed to encompass emotive experiences such as celebration, connection, indulgence, romance or replenishment.


Guests can celebrate a milestone birthday with their own private camp and DJ on a glacier in Iceland, indulge in a gastronomic tour of the Douro Valley, or connect with each other better through the power of storytelling in the Botswana bush. Parents can connect with their teenage children whilst making their own feature-length wildlife documentary with a filmmaker in Kenya, or seek replenishment upon crystal-clear waters during a fortnight’s sailing trip across the Indian Ocean. 


Niquesa launches twelve ground-breaking experiences, curated by the travel design team, and will continue to add to the collection as new journeys are created. Completely bespoke itineraries are also available, upon request.


Niquesa believes the most significant and lasting aspect of travel is the people met along the way. Acting as travel matchmakers, Niquesa connects guests to those people around the world whose passions and talents have made them leaders in their field. A black book of contacts opens doors across the globe, from visionaries to cultural icons, historians to conservationists, culinary masters to the world's greatest explorers.


Each tailored trip with Niquesa also includes 24/7 support from a dedicated Personal Assistant. There to offer a welcoming smile at flight check-in and a direct phone line whilst travelling, Niquesa PA’s are also on hand to arrange a host of other services including translators, restaurant bookings, private nannies, and personal shoppers, as well as being able to take care of clients’ properties at home, whilst they are away.


The second half of 2018 will see the launch of Niquesa Travel’s automated platform, allowing customers to book their own personally tailored journey online. Selecting from a carefully curated collection of properties and suppliers, customers can make reservations at prestigious hotels and villas as well as booking flights, private jets, cars, chauffeur services, restaurants, and clubs.      


Luigi de Simone Niquesa, Founder and CEO of Niquesa Travel, explains how the launch was inspired by his life encounters, as well as over 20 years’ experience in the luxury hospitality industry: “From an early age I was fortunate to travel widely and meet many new people, which fuelled my desire to learn about other countries and cultures. I felt constantly inspired by what I discovered and this learning has continued throughout my life. I created a team of highly knowledgeable travel experts to help others to experience amazing journeys through Niquesa Travel. I have grown to believe that life is a book, and that as the writer and narrator of your own story, you should constantly strive to fill the pages with experiences, passions, friendships, and journeys.”